Advisers and estate agents in the commercial property market.

In general

A partner-owned company with no connection to other finance or property players. Grant from the Financial Advisory Authority of Norway to engage in estate agency business. Established in 1997.

Business concept

Advisers and estate agents in the commercial property market.
Create added value for principal through knowledge and competency.

Areas of business

  • Purchase and sale of commercial property.
  • Assistance for tenants in connection with establishing new leases/renegotiations.
  • Consultancy

Interdisciplinary overall competency in the commercial property sector

  • Markets
  • Building techniques, layout and area effectiveness
  • Finance and tax
  • Legal aspects and contract law
  • Negotiations and strategy


Realia AS is the principal's representative, offering stability, openness and loyalty. All assignments will be treated confidentially.

Commercial property sales

Realia AS assists both individual property owners and professional investors in the private and public sectors. Through a well-developed contact network, sound competency and safe procedures, we are able to offer our principals a complete process that gives the best results and certain settlement.

Realia AS has many years experience with alternative transaction formats. The sales are organized on the basis of what will produce the maximum price for the seller, e.g.

  • sales with back-leasing
  • limited company or property sales
  • sales with synthetic rent
  • sales with part settlement and vendor's credit
  • sales with split of profit on future development gains
  • Our experience of sales includes most kinds of commercial property like office buildings, terminals, combined buildings, educational buildings, commerce, hotels, production plants, and housing and industrial development projects.

User assistance - search for commercial property for purchase or rental

Realia AS is the tenant's adviser and agent in the market for commercial property. Our advisers have the longest experience in the Norwegian market from assignments in search and negotiations on behalf of the tenant. We assist individual companies, public enterprises and listed groups of companies, and are able to resolve assignments all over the country.

Realia AS ensures progress and results for relocalization in connection with

  • joint targets and loyalty as a basis for cooperation
  • defining needs and specifying delivery standards
  • searching for alternatives, presentations and inspections in this connection
  • collecting offers with evaluation of prices, products and layout
  • parallel negotiations and preparation of contract documents
  • board nominations

Realia AS has long experience with alternative levels of delivery, rental discounts and option models. The assignments are adjusted to what gives maximum pay-off for the principal, e.g.

  • level of delivery from ”as is” to ”ready to move in”
  • rent exemption and variable rent
  • cap on related costs
  • area and development options
  • call options
  • regulation of options


Realia AS is able to offer a series of consultancy services. We have sound experience from most commercial property fields and are able to assist in e.g.

  • valuations and cash flow analyses
  • market assessments and property analyses
  • area usage and potential
  • development of industrial property
  • buy-out of rent liabilitieslegal assessments
  • strategic assessments and board nominations